Join Our Aviation Explorers [Here]
Cornell Projects (Rocket Team)

Join us May 19th, 10AM
(East Hill Flying Club) for a flight down the
Hudson River Corridor: RSVP

Aviation Explorers fly
to the Bethpage Airshow in NYC!

We want *you* to map out our flight on SkyVector. (If you register an account you will get flight-planning tools) Send a screenshot of your route and flightplan. One plane will be visual, one plane will be "IFR"

Nav Log to KFRG

fly to NYC!

Aviation Explorers is open to all young people ages 14-21 interested in aviation! Currently $24 a year (Boy Scout registration) Please "LIKE" our Facebook

Our default meeting is at East Hill Flying Club 3PM on the second Sunday of each month...YOU are invited! [Join Here] Usually though...going somewhere FUN!

Lots planned for 2018! Glenn Curtiss Museum? We had 8 people last time for this event.

We flew down to Elmira for a tour of the air traffic facility (and had a free ice cream) See our Facebook

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